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Here’s how to use your loan calculator!

Most of our readers like to read with us because of the feedback we say and write about things that are really interesting and help them. Although we have covered the subject several times, we have not written much about the credit calculator and its use. However, for those who do not use a credit intermediary, this is a must. We are now filling the gap. ?


Let the numbers dominate!

Let the numbers dominate!

When we think of a long-term commitment, we really need to put our emotions in the background and rely on facts and figures. However, the repayment of the loan is extremely time consuming, even more than 30 years. If you make the wrong choice in the beginning, you can afford it very well financially.

But don’t even think about borrowing the ideal loan, because here’s a credit calculator to help us. Let’s see how it works!


Let’s count one!

loan calculator

Let’s say we want to take a 24-year-old $ 16 million loan. We click on the credit calculator and set up this information. The calculator will immediately show you what the property price is and at least our monthly earnings. Of course, this can also be freely changed. For now, however, just enter these two and click on the “SEARCH” button.

As you can see the cheapest offer in this case, the K&H offer is for a $ 71,008 monthly installment. The APR is 3.12% and a total of HUF 22,606,088 is repaid throughout the term and the interest period is 3 months. On the right side of the datasheets you will find interesting benefits . Here, for example, we may receive individual discounts or we may have an interest rate discount if they take out home insurance and receive their income. What’s more, every financial institution now appears that we’ll receive a $ 10,000 gift voucher when you sign up from here, that is, by clicking the “INTEREST” button.


It’s so simple

loan calculator

Our colleagues have made this calculator very user friendly, and based on the feedback so far, we have succeeded. What do you think? Of course, the data must be interpreted correctly, because the first offer will not necessarily be the most profitable (interest period). Contact us! We also help you interpret the “lowercase” sections.

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