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We introduce: car loan officials.

Civil servants and civil servants benefit from particularly favorable loans because of their status. The risk of default is relatively low due to the secure income of civil servants, which is reflected in low interest rates. Car loans for civil servants are a good alternative to traditional dealer financing. However, the banks’ standardized loan offers generally do not offer any special discount for civil servants. Therefore, officials should look directly for a special official loan. This is paid for free use and can also be used to finance vehicles. an elucidation on

Use civil servant loans as a car loan for civil servants

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A civil servant loan is granted to civil servants and civil servants. These are offered by various banks and insurance companies. Depending on the provider, the maximum loan amount is between USD 70,000 and USD 100,000.

This means that even high-priced vehicles can be financed with car loans for civil servants. Which loan amount is possible depends on the borrower’s income. Official loans are made over a long term. Maturities between 12 and 20 years are the norm. The monthly charges are therefore limited.

Repayment of the official loan

Repayment of the official loan

The civil servant loan is repaid through a life insurance. Only the interest is paid directly to the respective bank or insurance company. Life insurance is taken out with the appropriate loan amount and with the appropriate term. If this has expired, the car loan for civil servants will be repaid in one sum.

If the insurance company generates surplus shares, these are paid out to the borrower. This has the advantage that the borrower does not have to take out any further life insurance during the term.

That’s how many loan offers you get


What else needs to be considered for civil servants

Anyone wishing to avail himself of a civil servant loan may not repay any further loans. If there are existing loans, they must first be replaced with the civil servant loan. There is no need to provide any special collateral. Regular income is sufficient as security. As a rule, no Credit Bureau query is carried out on a car loan for civil servants. Due to the long terms, there is a maximum age until an official loan can also be taken out. The maximum age varies depending on the provider and is usually between 58 and 62 years.

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