4 most risky and dangerous conditions to drive that requires extra careful

Driving a vehicle might be easy but doing it safely is another issue. Even if the driver is thinking of driving safely while road condition is very difficult in addition to a bad weather, accidents could be unavoidable. 

Always be aware that in every different weather condition will require different safety measure and precaution. tow truck service companies promote safety driving but if ever you will need help down the road in such weather condition, they are always there ready to help. 

Here are the top conditions that requires careful driving: 

Heavy rain and floods 

One of the hazards on the road that is commonly facing by most of the motorist is the heavy rain. Wet road increases many risks including skidding, maneuverability and your vehicles breaking ability. It also poses risk like reducing the road visibility and standing water. When it is raining heavily, you are advised to drive slower and it is necessary to be aware every time. It is also recommended that you have to keep a good distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you for in this type of condition, the brakes are not working as efficient as in good weather conditions. If you are on a flooded area, you have to allow the vehicle at your front to go ahead while you are maintaining a slow pace and you should remain at all times in the center of the road and always keep your focus. Don’t forget to check your brakes after making sure it works as expected. 

Strong winds 

Driving in strong winds could greatly affect you driving when it gets under your vehicle. This could reduce the capability of your brakes and the handling of your car. In times like this, it is best that you should avoid areas that are exposed to the wind. Pick a route that has natural wind breakers such as trees or terrain condition. Always avoid high-sided vehicles and always have your both hands on the wheels. Take extra precaution when there are cyclist and motorcyclist ahead because they are much more vulnerable to the strong winds. 

Ice and snow 

Vehicular accidents are more likely to occur on roads covered in snow and ice. In situations like this, it is recommended that you should slow down. Even if you are driving a 4-wheel drive vehicle or a SUV, accidents could also occur so you should also be careful in this type of weather. Always be aware of your surroundings because you are not the only one on the road so it is better that you are on alert at all times. Also remember that brakes usually become less effective on the snow and ice so aside from driving slowly, often check your brakes and applying it earlier just in case if brakes won’t work easily. 


For is considered to have a lesser threat compared to ice and snow on the road. But don’t forget that even it is less dangerous than ice and snow, it could still cause accidents. The visibility is decreased leaving you lesser time to react to possible danger. During this condition, changing lanes and braking could be dangerous. Use front lights instead of headlights because head light tends to reflect your light back at you. 

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